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12 times telescopic lens universal collar clip cell phone accessories 12X high-definition outdoor filming long coke

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Capture every detail with our high-quality mobile phone lenses, designed to transform your smartphone into a professional camera.

Suitable for all mobile phones.

1. First clip the clip on the body of the mobile phone;

2. Screw the notch at the eyepiece of the lens into the clip.

  • Features:

  • 1. Function: Overcome the shortcomings that the camera phone can only be nearsighted, with a 12x zoom;

  • 2, advantages: novel light path design, ultra-long viewing angle, large amount of light, high resolution, good color reproduction, so that the image quality of mobile phones is significantly improved.

  • 3, use: suitable for watching games, concerts, tourism, animal observation enthusiasts, journalists long-distance shooting, photo forensics, geological exploration, forestry management, railway port scheduling, traffic command management department forensics, public security law enforcement forensics.